Agorist Archives logo consisting of a black circle inside of which is a stylized letter A. The vertical strokes of the A symbolize an iceberg and the horizontal bar of the A looks like ocean waves. The image honors both the classical sign of Anarchy while also symbolizing the counter-economy of the Agora lurking beneath the surface of the government-approved economy. The Agorist Archives

New Libertarian Weekly (1975–1977)

New Libertarian (1978–1990)

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New Libertarian Alliance

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The Agorist Archives is a new and ongoing effort by KoPubCo to digitize, curate, and preserve the writings, personal letters, and papers of the originator of Counter-Economics and Agorism, Samuel Edward Konkin III (7/8/1947 – 2/23/2004). At KoPubCo, we believe that we can sell collectible originals and photocopies of New Libertarian magazines and books to support this website while making the knowledge — in digital versions of those publications (and far more) — available here.

You will find, to the right, numerous links to files in our repository. Expect it to evolve, expand, and morph as we add documents, categorize them, and design — in real time — an ever-improving classification. For now, we have a few issues of New Libertarian as well as a scan of the entire two-year run of New Libertarian Weekly, the first and longest-lasting printed-and-mailed libertarian weekly newsletter (101 issues!). We will be breaking each NLW “chunk” into individual issues as soon as we can (and cleaning up the wretched OCR text). Also, we’ve added over a dozen pamphlets and flyers from the early days of several organizations spearheaded by SEK3. For now, take a moment to check out the collection. Some PDFs are fully searchable (again, caveats on the text conversion), some were scanned without that option selected. Sorry. I blame COVID-19, as I do for every error this year.

The filenames use the NL Whole Number designation. SEK3’s first publications (NL Vol. I), Laissez-Faire! 1–5, have been designated NL001–NL005. This initial foray into publishing (while attending University of Wisconsin) was followed by a transfer to NYU and the birth of NYU Libertarian Notes (later, New Libertarian Notes) (Vol. II) 1–38, so those would be NL006–NL043. New Libertarian Weekly 1 (Vol. III), therefore, begins as NL044. Finally, New Libertarian 1, the magazine (Vol. IV), begins as NL145. Simple, non? Don’t worry. At some point, we will upload an index of all known appearances of SEK3 in print, audio, and video.

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